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We teach companies of all sizes how to use the best information technology services and tools, with the goal of achieving their business-related objectives.

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We help business owners solve their IT-related problems.

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web developmentInteractive Web Solutions

The ideal solutions for startups that want to grow big and corporations which want to launch new services and/or products. We help you build a strong web presence.

mobile appsMobile Applications Development

We create custom mobile apps for your business. We guarantee full platform compatibility for both iOS and Android, future feature upgrades and maintenance.

social mediaSocial Media Marketing

Get more targeted website traffic. Grow your number of leads and increase sales. Build a strong relationship with your customers. Put your social media on autopilot.

programmingSoftware Development Solutions

Need a desktop or web-based application developed? We turn your ideas into fully functional projects within weeks! We offer full-cycle software development services.

network securityNetwork Security Services

Did you know that your computer network may be attacked right now? We audit it, we determine its weaknesses, and then we implement solutions that fix any problems.

backupData Backup Solutions

Your company data is an essential business asset. Ensure that it stays safe by blocking any unauthorized access to it from third parties. We create solid backup solutions.

Did you now that...

- More than 50% of businesses will move their IT systems to the cloud next year?

- Almost 40% of businesses will use artificial intelligence services next year?

- US-based hackers are responsible for almost 20% of all ransomware attacks?

- Over 70% of small businesses don't have a proper disaster recovery plan?

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network securityCommon network security threats

Businesses of all sizes and even governments need to be extra careful when it comes to malware that can render their computer networks useless and/or lead to confidential data leaks. Unfortunately, we noticed that hackers have been able to set up very ingenious, large-scale cybersecurity attacks during the last few years. These are the most common network security threats, according to a Data Alliance study.

1. Malware

Cyber criminals utilize malicious software to attack computers and networks. This category of threats includes viruses, spyware, adware, and more. Often, one of your employees will open an infected email attachment, which includes a piece of malware. As a result, that computer will get infected. Then, advanced viruses will be able to spread themselves over the entire network, infecting all the computers. If the virus includes a ransomware component, it will start encrypting all the files that reside on your computers, and then, when it is done, it will start to display annoying pop-ups, asking for a ransom in exchange for your decrypted data set.

2. Phishing

This is a social engineering technique that's often used by cyber villains to create fake emails that...

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backup strategiesEffective backup strategies

As a small business owner, you get to wear several hats, and I guess that data backup isn't too high on your priorities list. And yet, several recent studies have demonstrated that most companies aren't prepared for data loss. According to Small Business Trends, close to 150,000 hard drives fail in the U.S. each week. The same source states that 60% of companies which lose their data will shut down within the next six months. Yeah, the problem is THAT serious. So, what can you do about it?

First, you should know that we've got lots of backup options these days. You could back up the data locally, on the network server, but that data set would become useless in case that your computers are vulnerable to hacker attacks, for example. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't store the data locally, of course, but don't make this your main backup solution.

Most SMBs keep their data on external hard drives. It's a slightly safer solution; it won't work if your network is taken over by ransomware, which will encrypt all the files on all the drives, thus rendering your external disk useless.

You can also store the data off-premises (read "in the cloud"); that's what most companies do these days. This way, you won't have to worry about hackers, remote O.S. patches, and so on; the cloud service provider will solve all these problems for you. Cloud-based backup services are often more secure, but not perfect, so we always recommend using a hybrid system, which stores the data locally and in the cloud...

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Unsolicited Client Testimonials

Thank you so much for a job well done! Data Star (one of our custom backup solutions) has helped save my company data twice so far.

Orlando Dyer


The site you've designed loads much faster and it's much easier to use than the old one, which was constantly locking me out. Great job!

Eve Hamilton